How to Block Website on Chrome

Sometime you may need to block a website on your computer or browser for restricting people to not have access to those websites. There extensions by which you can block website and stop users opening it. Google Chrome is no doubt one of the best web browsers on all platform and availability of extension makes it more useful.

Use Extension to Block Website on Chrome

Block Site: Website Blocker for Chrome™

This extension let you block a website on Chrome, and it is also available on Android device. It is a very popular extension with over 1.2 million downloads. You can block any website, set active days and times for each site, block adult related content and uninstall protection to prevent other to uninstall it.
how to block websites on Chrome

Personal Blocklist (by Google)

This extension blocks a website and removes its presence on Internet as well. Yes! This extension helps to remove the domain from Google's search result as well.
Simple Blocker
Simple blocker is as simple as its name. Just install the extension from here and add websites you want to block, it does not have features like uninstall protection etc. so this one is good for personal use only.
These extensions are very easy to use you can download them and add URLs of the sites you want to block and it will not open you particular Google Chrome browser. It is important to stay focus while working and blocking a website is always a good idea. It helps won't let you get distracted. There are more content about blocking website here you can check them out as well.