Free Live Chat For Your Website

Excellent and easy to understand website design is the primary key but connecting with your clients and visitors is more important. This is why we use Social Media platforms, but nowadays you can directly chat with your visitors with live chat tools for your website.

free live chat for website

How Live Chat for a Website Works

Live Chat on websites practically allows you to communicate with your visitors in real time, just like other messengers. In Technical terms it works on basic principal just like other messaging platforms work, for example:- Facebook's Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, however, the visitor does not have to install any specific software to communicate with the site owner. Visitors can directly interact with you instantly, and you can reply to them from your end of software or portal solution whatever you are using.

Free Live Chat for Websites

I never suggest using free solution, but in many cases, you don't want to spend extra on something which doesn't add value soon. Live chat does have its importance but to start, you can prefer using free live chat solution for your website. Here are some useful chat solution to use with your business website:-
  1. Tawk:- Tawk to is a great live chat solution and offers its app for all platforms (Windows, Android, MacOS and iPhone). You can use its app on your phone and stay connected with your visitors and solve their queries.
  2. Facebook Messenger:- Yes! You can use Facebook's Messenger platform as a live chat solution for your website. Here is a detailed instruction for integrating Facebook Messenger live chat for your website.
  3. Userlike :- Userlike is also a great chat solution program but it does not allow you to operate on multiple devices and it does not store chat history on free plans.
There are many other free solutions are also available like LimeChat etc. but they only have web-based clients only.
I will try to update this list very soon with some more awesome live chat solution.
In the end, I would suggest every business owner who has a website to start using live chat option on their website. It is really helpful to instantly connect with your visitors and fulfil their requirement in real-time.