How to Embed Facebook Chat Widget in your Website

facebook free live chat widget for website
Nowadays there are many free live chat solutions are available for a website, but some of them are not very much friendly to use. But there are many other solutions are available as well, and one of them is using Customer Chat Plugin from Facebook's Messenger.
This is a similar solution like all other live chat web plugins, but instead of another platform, it helps you and your visitor to use your Facebook accounts to communicate. Which is very much useful for a business and consumer to connect easily on a popular social media platform to do business.
No doubt Facebook is an easy and fastest way to communicate, so why not use your business page or profile instead of free live chat solutions on your website or blogs. So let's get started:-

How to use Facebook Chat Widget as Live Chat Option on your Blog/Website

Step 1:- Head over to and register yourself as a developer.
Step 2:- Now click on add a new app option.
Step 3:- Give it a desired name and copy the app id.
Step 4:- Head over to your Facebook page's setting tab and navigate to "Messenger platform" option.
Step 5:- Link your app id and whitelist domains on which you want to use this option.
facebook live chat option for websites

Step 6:- Now you will need to findout your Facebook Page ID.
Step 7:- Now replace "Page id" and "App id" with yours in below's code.

Step 8:- Now paste the following code within before </body> tag.

Once you are done, you can set auto-response from messaging tab on your Facebook Page's setting dashboard.
There are many other free live chat solutions are available as well but using your Facebook page's messaging will help you to grow your audience base and engagement as well.